40% Of Women Experience Bloating In Menopause

Discover Simple Effective Dietary Solutions to Ease Discomfort

Are You Struggling With Menopause Bloating? Confused By Intolerance Testing Or Unsure If The Low FODMAP Diet Is The Answer?
You're In The Right Place.

My Gut Program is for you if...

You're spending ages figuring out what to cook? Have cut out foods such as dairy and gluten which means your favourite thing, bread is off the menu and now you're struggling with what to eat for lunch?

If you feel tired by 2 pm and caffeine is the only thing that's keeping you going? Or you're struggling to fit into your favourite clothes but you're bloated and feel uncomfortable. Maybe you're experiencing lots of windy gas and it's become embarrassing or you're often worried about where the nearest toilet is due to urgency!

I can help you find out what is causing your flushing after eating or itchy skin, scalp and hives.
So if you're sick of the bloating and your underwear cutting you in two. If you want to feel great in your favourite jeans and not worry about knowing where the nearest loo is when you're out. Then I can help you take the guesswork out of your food triggers reducing toilet dashes, abdominal pain & bloating.

I'm Passionate About Helping You Discover A Better Way?

Nichola Williams menopause dietitian

Hi, I'm Nichola Your Fully Qualified Expert Dietitian

I am a highly experienced dietitian with over a decade of experience working in both the NHS and private sector. I have worked in gut health throughout my entire career from colorectal cancer to intestinal failure and Crohn's.

I can help guide you in improving your gut health through proven methods to identify triggers. I'll provide you with all the support you need and access to recipes and resources.

I'm trained in the Low FODMAP diet by Monash University, and I've undertaken food intolerance training from the prestigious Prince Alfred Hospital (so I can help you figure out if it's salicylates, oxalates, amines including histamine intolerance)

I'm registered with the HCPC and a member of the British Society For Allergy & Clinical Immunology. I can assure you that I will provide you with the best possible guidance to achieve better gut health.


The Gut Program


A Tailored Digestive Health Program

Over 12 weeks we will work together to enhance your digestive health.

 Here’s what you can expect from my program:


Personalised Support for Food Sensitivities

 Together, we’ll identify the foods that cause you bloating and intolerance. This personalised approach ensures that we address your specific dietary triggers.


Continuous support

 You’re not alone in this. Receive ongoing support through direct messaging in between our sessions, ensuring you have the guidance you need, when you need it.


Extended Healthcare Network

 Gut health can sometimes be complex. If needed, I will connect you with a trusted network of health professionals, including General Practitioners (GPs) and gastroenterologists, for additional expertise.


Customised Health Advice

Benefit from tailored recommendations on testing, nutritional supplements, and probiotics, all chosen to suit your unique health profile.


Exclusive Educational Content

 Gain access to special content focusing on the critical role of hormones in gut health, a key aspect for individuals in perimenopause and menopause.


Long-Term Health Strategies

Beyond the 12-week program, receive valuable advice on maintaining your gut health over the long term.

Join me for a personalised approach to managing your digestive health during this pivotal stage of life.

The Program Outline

Step 1

The Ground Work

We start with the essential groundwork through a pre-consultation health questionnaire, personally guided by me. 

This comprehensive questionnaire is designed to capture key information such as your medical history, current medications, lifestyle habits, top-priority symptoms, sleep patterns, a snapshot of your daily life, and your current dietary intake. 

This detailed insight helps us tailor our approach to meet your unique health needs.

Step 2

The Foundations

Building the Foundations: 60-Minute Initial Assessment During this session, we:

Deep Dive into Your Symptoms

 We’ll thoroughly explore your symptoms to understand your unique challenges.

Design a Realistic Action Plan

Together, we’ll craft a practical and manageable action plan, ensuring you’re not overwhelmed as you begin this journey.

Curate a Personalised Dietary Plan

 Your dietary plan will be tailored to fit seamlessly into your busy modern life, setting you up for success.

Guidance on Testing

I’ll provide expert advice on which health tests are worth investing in for your specific situation.

Access to Gut Health Resources

You’ll gain access to a variety of gut health recipes, meal ideas, and shopping lists.

Exclusive Written Resources

Receive tailor-made written resources designed specifically for your health needs.

Ongoing Support via Direct Messaging

 Benefit from continuous support through direct messaging for any queries or guidance you need.

GP Communication

If required, I will provide a letter to your GP to inform them of our plan and findings

Detailed Clinical Report

You will receive a written clinical report with a realistic and personalized action plan that you can confidently follow.

Step 3

The Fine-Tuning

Over the next 12 weeks, we will:

Fine-Tune Your Diet

Personalise and adjust your dietary plan to pinpoint and manage your specific dietary triggers.
Continuous Symptom Re-Assessment. 

Regularly reassess your symptoms and tweak your nutritional plan for clarity on your next steps.

Explore Movement and Stress Management

 Delve into how physical activity and stress impact your gut health and overall well-being.

Delve Into Nutritional Supplements

Unravel the complexities of nutritional supplements to determine what you truly need, helping to declutter your regimen.

Navigate the World of Functional Foods

I will guide you through the maze of functional foods, including prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics, ensuring you understand their roles and benefits.

Long-Term Gut Health Strategies

Discuss and plan strategies for maintaining your gut health in the long run, enabling you to enjoy food, whether at home or dining out, and live life to the fullest.

Dedicated Support

Throughout this journey, I’ll be by your side, offering one-to-one messaging support and providing all the resources you need.

Step 4

Ongoing Support Beyond the Program

With an additional free session to use at any point within 6 months of completing the program to discuss changes to bowel habits 


Real Stories, Real Results

"I have been really impressed by the level of professionalism from The Dietary Edit. Nichola has been a fantastic support right from the start - a great listener, very knowledgeable, able to explain things clearly and always fast to respond to any questions with clear answers and sound advice. I also found the website very easy to use for bookings, food diaries and to access information. All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to very warmly recommend The Dietary Edit!" - Mary
"After years of digestive problems, I contacted Dietary Edit. I bought the package & it's been so useful. Nichola was able to offer me constructive, detailed advice on my complex needs (bile acid malabsorption being one) & the tailored diagnosis has helped me prevent flare-ups. I chose Dietary Edit because of their links to the NHS & holistic approach to food rather than wanting a 'weight loss' programme as such and it's served me well" - Helena
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