Burns Specialist Dietitian

What is the link between a Dietitian & bonfire night?  Sadly burns!

Dietitian's play a crucial role in complex wound healing, particularly burns!
Emily Bridge (Tig) is a nationally recognised Burn Specialist Dietitian and co-founder of The Dietary Edit. She has extensive experience of working with burns survivors, both in the NHs and consulting for The Katie Piper Foundation rehabilitation service. She also lectures on the subject at University of Nottingham and Coventry University.

Nutrition is fundamental to the recovery process following a burn. Demand for nutrition can skyrocket and key nutrients like protein, copper, selenium and zinc can significantly deplete.
It can be difficult to manage getting the nutrition right, so dietetic support is key to ensuring wounds heal, your strength recovers and you have the energy to go on the rehabilitation journey.

Burns not only impacts a person physically but also mentally, especially as the recovery can take years. The nutritional implications can be life long too but sadly  there is little post discharge dietetic support for survivors. We hope to be able to change that!

As we go into Bonfire Night it is important to keep yourself and especially children safe from harm. many organised firework displays are cancelled this year due to lockdown restrictions so it is anticipated that there will be an increase in firework displays at home.

The UK government have released a safety campaign to raise awareness of how to enjoy fireworks at home.

This information can be found on the following website www.gov.uk