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Hi, I'm Nichola, a Menopause Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian

If you are in your early forties and noticing changes in your body such as feeling anxious about things you normally wouldn’t. Or you’re jumbling up words.  You might be experiencing perimenopause.

This was my experience. My symptoms were not ‘typical’ either. I never experienced terrible hot flushes, my periods were regular and then one day, just stopped!

The signs had been there but they weren’t crystal clear, constipation, eczema on my eyelids, histamine intolerance and bloating. 

Brain Fog, Bloating & Itchy Skin

10 years ago I suspected I was perimenopausal. I was 40 at the time. I distinctly remember turning up to give a talk about nutrition to a room full of cardiologists and my mind went blank. I had given that talk for years.  Then I started forgetting words and where I’d parked my car. Scary stuff!

Then came the bloating! Combined with urgent toilet trips and terrible embarrassing wind. 

Trousers that dug in by midday and crazy itchy skin and scalp. 

Like you, I ate all the right things, fibre, fermented foods & probiotics but the bloating continued and was often really painful. The culprits…

Allergies, food intolerance & histamine intolerance due to hormonal changes.

 Dietary changes have played a big part in managing my menopausal symptoms. It’s important to stress that diet is one part of the puzzle. I can work with you alongside your clinical team to support you in managing your symptoms.

 I’ve got your back through 1:2:1 consultations, drop-in clinics, and helpful resources.

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Experience & Expertise

The important stuff,
that sometimes gets overlooked

Would you trust an electrician with your plumbing?

That may seem an odd question but it’s an important one, so bear with me. Menopause has become a hot topic and the internet has exploded with wellness experts, nutritionists and health coaches.  While this is great for menopause awareness not all sources of nutritional information are equal. 

It’s important to know who you’re working with and to find a trusted professional to guide you with dietary advice, not just anyone. I’m a HCPC registered dietitian which means I’m governed by law. I’m on the same register as a dentist. This means I can only provide scientific evidence-based nutrition advice. 

As a clinical lead dietitian working in the NHS for over a decade, I’ve taught GPs, medics, surgeons and allied professionals about clinical nutrition so you’re in safe hands.

I see you as a whole person not someone made up of component parts

The research is starting to show that mind, body and skin are all interconnected. And as such, I take a holistic, bespoke approach to nutrition.

Menopause can affect so many of our bodily systems you need someone who understands how, why and where nutrition fits in. 

This means I can support you with other conditions that have been exacerbated by menopause such as IBS, histamine intolerance, eczema or acne. 

I can also help if you are navigating a medically induced menopause due to cancer treatment or primary ovarian insufficiency (POI). 

I have a trusted network of health professionals I can signpost you to for tests if necessary including GPs, gastroenterologists and cardiologists.

Bespoke Nutrition for Your Menopause?

Explore my nutrition packages.
With exclusive resources & lots of support.

Get To Know Me
Shoes or Boots?

Boots! I love my cherry red Doc Martins. I wear them with everything. 

Books or Music?

Both! I’m a bookworm and vinyl collector. I love indie tunes from the 90’s. 

Are you Creative?

Yes! I can often be found upholstering vintage furniture.

How I Relax

I loved open-water swimming, gentle exercise & mindfulness in one.

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