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Hi I'm Nichola

Your IBS Specialist Dietitian

As a woman with IBS, I understand your challenges. I'm here not to offer just dietary advice, but to listen, understand and support you.

I get it when you feel frustrated with bloating and bowel trouble and your doctor hasn't offered a solution other than medication.

Maybe you've been diagnosed after lots of invasive tests and all you've been given is a low FODMAP diet sheet with no additional support; I get it!

IBS isn't just a challenge; it's a daily, painful struggle with bloating, sudden toilet dashes, and clothes that just won't fit by evening. Remember, you're not fighting this battle solo.


"Talking to someone and knowing that someone was listening to my concerns was great. I knew I was getting a personal service and that helped me to feel better immediately. Nichola cared about my well-being as much as my physical issues"
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How gut health affects skin: From the inside out

How Gut Health Affects Skin: From The Inside Out Have you ever wondered if you can improve your skin from the inside out? Emerging research